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Sunday, May 07, 2006

World War III

Who started World War III, Mr. Bush? Was it a small band of terrorists with no country and no weapons save for our own airlines, or was it you, sir, in the role you so adore, "Commander in Chief?" How many will die for your hubris, Mr. Bush--do you even care? I don't think you do.

hubris /"hju;brIs/· n. excessive pride or self-confidence. Ø (in Greek tragedy) excessive pride or presumption towards the gods, leading to nemesis.– DERIVATIVES hubristic adj.– ORIGIN from Gk.

nemesis /"nEmIsIs/· n. (pl. nemeses /-si;z/) the inescapable agent of someone’s downfall, especially when deserved. Ø a downfall caused by such an agent.– ORIGIN C16: Gk, lit. ‘retribution’, personified as the goddess of divine punishment.


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