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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Twelve years? More?

Have any wondered what George W. Bush will use for an excuse to extend his second term as President? We are in the middle of World War III, after all and it would be disastrous to have control revert to a "less capable" man, or God forbid, a woman. What more capable leader than he who has been anointed by God--how could we possible go wrong?

Long live King George.

World War III

Who started World War III, Mr. Bush? Was it a small band of terrorists with no country and no weapons save for our own airlines, or was it you, sir, in the role you so adore, "Commander in Chief?" How many will die for your hubris, Mr. Bush--do you even care? I don't think you do.

hubris /"hju;brIs/· n. excessive pride or self-confidence. Ø (in Greek tragedy) excessive pride or presumption towards the gods, leading to nemesis.– DERIVATIVES hubristic adj.– ORIGIN from Gk.

nemesis /"nEmIsIs/· n. (pl. nemeses /-si;z/) the inescapable agent of someone’s downfall, especially when deserved. Ø a downfall caused by such an agent.– ORIGIN C16: Gk, lit. ‘retribution’, personified as the goddess of divine punishment.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Giving blood for Gas

I guess you can squeeze blood from a turnup. Republicans are showing their true love for Jesus by following his commandment to starve the poor so the rich might have silks, gold and diamonds. God bless King George.

Republican Greed

Big Oil says that as corporations they have no responsibility to the public, only to the stockholders. Big government, however, is supposed to be responsibility to the community, so maybe it is time for government to step in and teach these Big Oil Corporations they do have responsibility to society.

Oops, I forgot, the Republicans control every branch of government and they feel their only responsibility is to the rich and big corporations. I guess we are screwed.

By the way, the price of gas in California when Bush and Cheney took office was $1.66 a gallon, today it is over $3.54, over twice what it was when the oil men took office and Cheney had his ultra secret meetings with big oil. So, it would have cost $41.50 to fill a twenty-five gallon tank when Bush took office and today it would cost you $88.50 and summer hasn't even begun.

If you have to commute and fill your tank twice a week, your gas would have cost you $322.00 a monthly in 2000. Today it would cost you $708 for an additional cost $4,632 a year and a total cost of $8,496.00 a year just for gasoline. If you are a young person working for the California minimum wage of $6.75 per hour (federal minimum wage is only $5.15) you would be grossing $1096 a month and paying $708 for gas with a take home of $388 a month and the summer has not even started yet.

You can work out the difference in your own costs quite easily. Any way you look at, we are all paying one hell of a price to make the stockholders, the executives, and perhaps a good many politicians rich. Do you have wonder just how much money the Bush and Cheney families have tied up in energy stocks? It would be interesting to know.

Oh, and didn't the Republicans just extend the tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy? Screw working Americans, all hail the new American Aristocracy and god bless King George.