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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why Should Americans be Loyal to American Companies?

Which company is more American—an "American" company that builds its cars in Mexico—or a Japanese company which builds its cars in America?

Why should American workers be loyal to American companies at all? When bad management decision result in crappy products that no one wants, it is not management that suffers. It is the workers who end up on the bread-lines. When they talk about belt-tightening, whose belt to they think needs tightening, your's or there's?

When benefits are cut, are they cut for both management and workers equally? As management drives their own salaries into the stratosphere, they are cutting workers salaries to they point where many of these companies are outraged at the thought of paying a minimum wage. And if your are unwilling to work for no benefits and minimum wages, then they either export jobs to other countries, or demand illegal immigrants to do the jobs that "no Americans wants."

If American companies want our loyalty, then maybe it is time they start earning it. These companies may have the money, and they certainly own the politicians, but there isn't a one of them we couldn't put out of business if we wanted. Who should we start with? If they aren't employing American citizens for a fair wage and benefits, then screw them. We own them nothing.


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