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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Shallow Victory

Christians are going to rue the day they helped George W. Bush destroy the separation between church and state. This separation protects individual religious dominations from control by other sects, and, it protects every religion from favoritism and control by the federal government. George Bush has already allocated over 2.4 billion dollars to faith based initiatives, and now is has signed an order establishing an Office of Faith Based Initiatives in the Department of Homeland Security. May I be cynical and say that these moves are far less a matter of devotion and much more a bribe for the faithful?

There are many of you that see this as a great victory, but do you are not seeing the dangers. Look what has happened to the public schools. According to law, the control of education belongs to the individual states, except in the situation where the schools accept federal funding. Then, you can either accept dictates concerning anything from curriculum to staffing to the choice of text books, or give up the money. With the schools constantly being strapped for money, giving up the federal money is not an option and that leaves the federal government to exercise whatever control it wishes.

What is going to happen to private and parochial schools once they become dependent on federal money? And, what is going to happen freedom of religion once churches too become dependent on federal money? Do you really think it cannot happen, when programs you value are threatened and congregations are left to bear the costs by themselves? Christianity in the United States of America is selling itself out for a few pieces of silver and many of the devout don’t even realize it is happening. Don’t you realize there are other religions vying for the same control you think you have gained? What are fundamentalist Christians going to do when say, Scientologists put their man in the White House? This is just one group that is seeking to spread its particular dogma. What happens when a government that is totally insensitive to your needs takes control? The only thing standing between you and that government is the separation of church and state.

Our founding fathers were wise, not in knowing all the answers, because they knew they didn’t. They were wise in understanding our very human foibles and weaknesses. They did the best they could to protect us from these and from lust for power of politicians. But this country is aiding and abetting in the destruction of the very fabric of government that protects us, and seemingly doing so with little care. Perhaps we, the elders, will not have to pay the price for our own folly, but there will be a price, and the little ones in-trusted to our care will most likely have to pay it. Think what you do, before you sink us all into the muddied dirt you have so carefully watered.


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