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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Petting his Turkey

George W. Bush loves to have his pictures take with the troops, or at least those troops who still have all their limbs. But, what George W. Bush will not condone is seeing the caskets of the dead or the parade of wounded and maimed young soldiers coming back from his ill-conceived war—Bush’s War.

There have been 2,312 American soldiers killed, and 17,124 of our brave young men and women wounded since George W. Bush got a hair up his ass and decided invade Iraq. But this “compassionate conservative” seems more concerned about riding his little mountain bike, playing golf and getting 5 weeks of uninterrupted vacation than the pain and death he has wreaked on our young soldiers.

When a policeman is killed in the line of duty, his casket is not hidden, and policemen, politicians and regular folks come from around the country honor this hero with a parade and a service that is fitting for one who gave his life for this country. But our soldiers, they come home in the dead of night, hidden from cameras and prying eyes, almost as if we were ashamed of their deaths. If there is a parade, it is a small affair in their hometown, attended by friends, family and those who loved them. Where are the large, televised parades for these brave soldiers who gave their lives for this country? Why are their caskets hidden from view? Why have we not had 2,312 parades honoring them, or at the very least let the nation see an honor guard and soldiers and civilians greeting them as they are escorted home? Do they not deserve the same honor as any other fallen hero?

When Ted Koppel devoted one episode of Nightline to just reading the names of those who had died for this country so far in Iraq, conservative talk radio hosts were indignant calling it unpatriotic or a stunt to improve ratings.

If fat-assed Rush Limbaugh died of a drug overdose or or Über Republican Bill O’Riley had a stoke when he was having one of his many temper tantrums, I would be willing to bet their names would be honored by this administration. George W. Bush would make a solemn announcement about our great loss of these patriotic Americas—I wouldn’t be surprised if he ordered flags be flown at half mast. But where is Mr. Bush when the true patriots, the kids who have died and been wounded in this war, come home? Probably, at home, petting his turkey.

George W. Bush, the compassionless conservative.


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