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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


It seem that at times we Americans think far too highly of ourselves. We love to crow about being the greatest country on earth yet I wonder by what standard we define greatness.

  • We have elected a government that cares about nothing save staying in power.
  • We have struck out with great hubris against another nation and, as in Viet Nam, find ourselves stuck in a protracted conflict that, in the end, will accomplish nothing save for the deaths of many.
  • We are being governed by those who preach fiscal responsibility yet are driving this nation into huge debt through tax breaks for the rich and the machinery of war.

It is not enough to say it is the government doing these things for we are responsible for who we put in office. If America is ever to be a great country again, we, the people, must act responsibly in choosing whom we allow to hold office.

It is right that we should suffer the consequences of such poor choice, but unfortunately, the rest of the world is suffering for these choices, and they have no vote.


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