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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Have you no decency, Sir?

"Have you no decency, Sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" --

It is time that the American people ask that question of George W. Bush, although, clearly, a President who believes in using one big lie after another will never answer truthfully.

Mr. Bush:
What form of decency is involved when you ask poor and working class Americans to sacrifice and sacrifice while at the same time giving tax break after tax break to the very wealthiest of Americans?

What kind of decency is involved in a man who took an oath to defend the constitution and the people of these United States—an oath sworn before God, Mr. Bush—yet instead of representing these people panders to the rich, the powerful, the religious zealots, and most of all to the corporations. Corporations are not citizens, Mr. Bush, they are just sources of payola.

What kind of decency is found in a president whose staff uses the tools of propaganda so skillfully developed under Joseph Goebbels, to deceive and manipulate the American people? When do lies and deceit ever honor the people to whom they are spoken?

What kind of decency is there in a president who would use a tragedy like Hurricane Katrina as no more than an excuse to once again attack our youth, our working class, and the poor. What kind of decency does a man have who so despises those who work for a living, Mr. Bush?

In truth, this president and the obsequious band of toads he leads in the Senate and House has no decency, none whatsoever. He does not represent the American people, he represents the absolute worst we are capable of being. He represents not democracy but oligarchy, freedom but force. He represents not a people but a class.

Mr. Bush represents not charity but token gestures--the gestures of aristocrats throwing crumbs out of fine coaches and demanding gratitude for their great benevolence. He represent a society where the government has no responsibility but to serve the interests of a privileged class; a society where the poor should disappear into the shadows so as not to spoil the rich's illusions; a society where the working man should be grateful for whatever wage they are given and not ask for more. He represents an America that believes in passing on great family wealthy and privilege while at the same time suffering from the remarkable illusion that they he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. He represents the greedy, the hypocrite, the liar, the murderer and the thief.

Is this what we Americans have become? Have we become so small, so pathetic, so fearful, that we find our only safety in the hands of a man like tyrant like George W. Bush? If that is the case, then it is the American people who have lost their sense of decency because George W. Bush never had any to begin with.


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