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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vision for America?

George Bush’s sycophants love to crow about His vision for America. I believe it is less vision than nightmare. Consider the following:
  • These men and women proclaim Bush’s vision of fiscal responsibility and limited government, yet his administration has pushed the debt to the point where it will not be long before this country will owe our erstwhile enemy, the Republic of China, close to a trillion dollars. This will give China enormous leverage of our country, and make us vulnerable to manipulation should China so desire. Fiscally, Bill Clinton was miles more conservative than George W. Bush.
  • His underlings brag of Bush’s vision for education, yet from the start this seems to have revolved around creating a voucher system which in essence would mean that the government would, for awhile, contribute a small amount towards education and any cost in excess of this amount would have to be paid by the parents. Ultimately, His goal seems to be getting government out of the education business. I guess if we were all hard working, God fearing Americans, we should be able to afford to educate our children in the best of private schools and colleges. One must note that George W. Bush did not have to work his way through college, but rather had a large trust fund set up for that purpose. Somehow, I am far more impressed with the kids of today who work two and three jobs and go to college, but even with all this effort, most have to go deeply in debt to pay for a college education. Such is life, huh Georgie?
  • Bush’s lackeys speak of His great leadership, even having the temerity to call him a modern Churchill. It seems to be that what George W. Bush calls leadership is to make one bad decision after another, never look for advice or council except from those who agree with Him, and to never, ever change his mind or admit he was wrong. Are these really traits we would admire in a neighbor, let alone the man charged with leading the most powerful country in the world. Of course, we may not always be the most powerful. We may have to sell off all of nuclear warheads just to payoff our debt to China. And, to compare the incoherent stammers of George W. Bush to the eloquence of Winston Churchill is obscene.
  • George Bush’s supporters love to proclaim His love of freedom. Somehow, I don’t think that most of the world believes the spreading of democracy and freedom should or ever can come at the point of a gun. It appears to me that what George W. Bush and His cronies are interested in is forcing a peculiar American form of capitalism on the rest of the world, while at the same time ensuring that it will be large American corporations who make the profits. And while George W. Bush says he is for business, one cannot help but wonder where the individuals in this administration, including Bush and Cheney will profit. When Cheney was secretary of defense he was instrumental in bringing major defense contracts to Halibut. “Surprisingly,” when he left the government he became President of Halliburton leading to a fortune in the millions. One can hardly wonder what the payoff will be this time. Considering the billions of dollars that have been diverted to Halliburton in no-bid contracts, I would be willing to be that if one looked back ten years from now, Cheney profited enormously. But, by then we will have forgotten about him. Do you think none of the rest of these fine gentlemen will profit from their support of companies like Shaw, Enron, Halliburton and others? I would guess we will have a huge crop of lobbyists and company executives that will find themselves rewarded with lucrative situations. As to Bush himself, I wonder what an audit of the Bush family fortunes would look like ten years from now.
  • Bush’s underlings love to talk of his compassion, yet I would love to see a list of compassionate acts this President has completed for reasons other than political expediency. And what little good he has done seems to be tied to poorly designed programs that benefit big business more than the people. I think the idea of George W. Bush being a compassionate conservative is one of the biggest cons ever put over on the American people. If you make under a hundred grand a year, what has George W. Bush done for you? Even for people in this income bracket, what tax cuts they receive had largely been over shadowed by the shift in costs to state and local government and increases in prices that hurt more the less you make. In truth, the only people George W. Bush seems to want to help are the multi-millionaires and the entrenched aristocracy of America.
  • Some of the moves this administration is making lead to scenarios that sound like something out of a frightening, futuristic fiction. FEMA failed in the Katrina disaster, and so did Homeland Security, and so, to avoid responsibility for being the chief executive of these organizations, Bush is now proposing that the regular army be put in charge of disaster response. It would be convenient because as Commander in Chief, it is an actionable offense to even criticize the President. But what is really scary is the thought of private security organizations, such as Blackwater and Enriys roaming American streets armed to the hilt. And, that is exactly what is happening in New Orleans today. We know who our police and law enforcement organizations are responsible to, but who are these corporate soldiers responsible to? What happens when big business gets rich by controlling our streets and who controls these people when the payoffs start rolling in. Do you know that there are over 20,000 highly paid corporate warriors in Iraq . When we finally run from the mess Mr. Bush has made in the middle east, where will these mercenaries go from there? Somehow I am much more comfortable with the LAPD patrolling the streets than corporate mercenaries. If you think this idea is far-fetched, the federal government is taking bids from such companies right now for work in controlling our borders. If this doesn’t frighten you, it should.

    I think that the current Republican regime in Washington, “led” by George W. Bush consists of a bunch of unprincipled liars who ultimately care little about the American people and a great deal about gaining control over this country. At one time there were many decent and principled Republican men and women in the three branches of government. Today, I would liken them more to “Travelers” and con-men who are more interested in personal gain than the people they are paid to represent. These men and women are a disgrace to this country, to our founding fathers, and an offense to God himself. This is true for no one more than President George Bush, because ultimately no matter how he shirks his duty, he is responsible.


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