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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Taking Advantage of a National Tragedy

What is the real Bush response to Katrina?

  • First, they are cutting wage protection for both contractors and service workers. (Mostly to please Grover Norquist, a stanch Rove Ally)
  • Second, handing out huge contracts to Halliburton et al, with no limits on what they charge.
  • Using the dislocation of citizens to once again try to push through there unpopular voucher plan.
  • Get rid of pesky environmental regulations.
  • Tax breaks for business.
  • And, as stated in the Washington Post, "The idea, aides said, is twofold: provide a quick federal response that comports with Bush's governing philosophy (attack working people so that the rich may get richer?) and prevent Katrina from swamping his second-term ambitions on Social Security, taxes and Middle East democracy-building." Translated this means that Bush is going to keep doing what he as been doing all along, and Karl Rove is going to mount a massive propaganda campaign to show why Katrina demonstrates the value of George Bush's philosophy.

These people have no shame.


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First time here, refreshing to read. I will be back.

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