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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Has George W. Bush Ever Been Right About Anything?

We had many warnings about the possibility of 9/11, yet Mr. Bush’s administration dropped the ball. Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

Mr. Bush told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that this country posed an imminent threat to the United States of America? Where are the weapons, Mr. Bush, and have you taken responsibility for misleading the American people with marginal and untrue intelligence? Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, yet rather than using “Shock and Awe” to flush him out, Mr. Bush chose to use the local militia and as a result this single terrorist has become institutionalized and copied all over the world. Where is Mr. Bin Laden now, Mr. Bush, and have you taken responsibility for letting him go? Where does the buck stop, Georgie Boy?

When Mr. Bush made a needless appearance on an aircraft carrier to proclaim the mission over in Iraq, was it. Is the mission over now? Has the dying stopped in Iraq? Do you really believe this mission will ever be over, or will we slink out of Iraq with our tails tucked under our legs, Goliath beaten by Ishmael? Will you admit responsibility for this, Georgie Boy?

Mr. Bush resorted to childish name-calling in referring to North Korea, Iran and Iraq as the “Triad of Evil.” Did this have a calming effect on any of these countries, or have they instead determined to develop these weapons to protect them the first American President to engage in a preemptive war against a sovereign nation. Many people in the world today, including the populace of our allies believes that the true “triad of evil” is not Iraq, Iran and North Korea, but Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. What is even scarier is that now that Georgie Boy realizes he doesn’t have the armed forces to attack these countries, his administration is considering the use of nuclear force.

Mr. Bush’svision” for the economy of the United States has resulted in the largest deficit this country has ever known. It has resulted in a dangerous increase between the rich and the poor, which Mr. Bush seems bent on increasing. It has resulted in a substantial lowering of the standard of living for a large segment of the population and has taught many of the young that spending more than you have is an effective way to live. It has resulted in a prescription drug plan that aims, not for the optimal help it provides to senior citizens, but optimized instead to provide the greatest profits to huge pharmaceutical companies. It has resulted in gas prices that are more than double what they were when Mr. Bush took office. Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

Mr. Bush, in particular, and the government he formed responded with abysmal slowness to one of the greatest disasters befallen on this country. This was not simply a matter of the cronyism that placed incompetent people in charge of FEMA, it is the entire Bush philosophy that believes that FEMA should not even exist, and that such problems are the exclusive burden of the states. And while this administration was ill prepared before and during this tragedy, they are now putting forth their best effort in trying to prevent any political fallout that might befall Mr. Bush and the Republican Party. As usual with this administration, the substance of problems is ignored while they concentrate on politics as usual. Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

If you set aside all the Republican propaganda and the down-right lies put forth by this administration, the most logical conclusion is that Mr. Bush and his underlings have no vision, and this administration and the man leading it have has been a complete failure from the beginning. Do you take responsibility for this, Mr. Bush, or just tell us some more lies?

The question is rhetorical, we already know the answer Mr. Bush.


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