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Thursday, September 08, 2005

God of the Rich

Jesus walked the hot, dusty desert with nothing but a robe, sandals, and a staff. He had no wealth or home or creature comforts. He seldom entered the well-to-do neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and instead spent his time with the poor in the crowded, dirty section of the town where craftsmen, sellers and farmers plied their wares.

When, I would ask, did Jesus leave the dirt streets and clay houses to enter the walled city to take up residence with the nobles and Pharisees? When did Jesus forgo his simple attire and take to fine silks and gold and jewels? When did Jesus say that the poor must sacrifice so that their "betters" may live in ever increasing comfort? When did Jesus become the God of the rich instead of the Savior to the poor?

There are those of the cloth and of the scepter who use his name to further their own selfish ends. It is not goodness ad charity they seek, but thrones of gold and jewels, staves of power and authority. It is not Jesus they love but the power of his name. It is not his teachings they follow but their own twisted dogma. They seek to control mankind, not serve it. Their humility is a sham and their flocks are but pawns. It is not the richness of heaven they seek, but the gold of Mammon.

Their deceit works well for now, but it will be seen for what it is soon enough. For they are the hypocrites who says the words but live the lies.

The riches of this world are yours to take, but as that is your treasure, so it is your reward. For Jesus remembers what he said, and he remembers what he meant and however you try, it is something you cannot change.


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The more and more I read your posts, the more and more I like your blog!

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