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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Elephant Sharks

The dead are still floating in the blackened waters engulfing New Orleans and already the "Elephant Sharks" are having a blood frenzy. FEMA, which was unable to respond to the suffering of those trapped in New Orleans, has been lightening fast in awarding huge contracts to Bush and Company cronies.

Consider the following:

Joe Allbaugh, Bush's campaign manager, who was a former director of FEMA, and was the man that brought Mike Brown, an old buddy, into the organization. He was also instrumental in getting Mr. Brown appointed as director of FEMA when he decided to make his fortune as a lobbyist.

Who does Mr. Allbaugh represent? Why Halliburton and its subsidiary Kell0gg Brown and Root, the number one beneficiary of Republican graft and the company once run by Dick Cheney. Second, Shaw Group Inc. Both companies have received huge contracts from FEMA.

Halliburton has already earned over $9 billion dollars for its "work" in Iraq, and there are many questions over what has happened to that money. Now, as tragedy strikes this country once again, Halliburton is there to once again "eat its fill."

Thursday, George W. Bush signed signed a proclamation revoking federal law that required such companies to pay the prevailing wage to workers. Heaven forbid that American workers might receive a fair wage, it might cut into Halliburton, Shaw and other crony company's profit margin.

As the administration seeks to line the pockets of favored corporations, it is at the same time cutting off press access to the recovery effort. They say it is because images portrayed in such coverage might offend the sensibilities of viewers or victims. The truth is that they are trying to hide the enormity of what their incompetent handling of this disaster has cost just as they try to hide the coffins of American heroes coming back from Iraq.

This administration is all about putting forth images that deceive the American people while they pursue their nefarious goals in the shadows outside of public sight. Bush's so called town meetings are a sham. They consisted of hand-screened audiences and preselected questions by supporters. The same goes for his many appearances in front of military personnel. Anyone who questions this administration is attacked, either directly by the administration, through its agencies such as the FCC or by republican attack dogs such as the Swift Boat Veterans. There is little this administration won't stoop to in order to conceal the truth and manipulate the American people.

These people don't give a crap about the American people. All they care about is lining their own pockets, and those of their families and buddies. It is time to put a stop to the lies. It is time to put a stop to their bullshit.

It is time for each and every one of us to call them on their greed and dishonesty.


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