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Friday, September 09, 2005

Bush Puts PR Men in Charge of FEMA

The top three men in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency:
  • Michael Brown, Director, came from the International Arabian Horse Association. He was asked to leave because he nearly destroyed that association financially.
  • Patrick Rhode, Acting Deputy Director, worked for the White House's Office of National Advance Operations. He was a PR man who helped stage these little dog and pony shows Bush puts on around the nation.
  • Brooks Altshuler, Acting Deputy Chief of Staff worked in the same place. Neither Rhode nor Altshuler had any experience in disaster relief.
  • Scott Morris, third in command, was a press handler for the Bush presidential campaign. He also worked for the company that produced Bush campaign commercials.

Is it any wonder people died while this agency sat on its thumbs?

Is it any wonder that the top priority of FEMA seems to be controlling press coverage in New Orleans?

BUSH put these inexperienced cronies in charge. HE IS RESPONSIBLE!


Blogger Imara said...

Is it a stretch to think that all of these dying poor people, who the majority of which happen to be black, are a much welcomed unitentional consequence of their inaction? One has to wonder...

1:17 PM  

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