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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Justice, a One-way Street

How many think Republican Senator Bill Frist will get the same aggressive treatment as did Democrat Martha Stewart? Raise your hands. Anyone?

Think of the following people:
  • Ken Lay
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Tom DeLay
  • Karl Rove

Justice is swift and sure for enemies of the Republican Party, and sadly lacking for in the case of friends. I guess this is just another form of cronyism at work.

Help Save Some Gas, Mr. President

"We can all pitch in," said George W. Bush, adding that it would be helpful if Americans avoided going on unnecessary trips.


Perhaps Mr. Bush could do his little "staged town hall meetings" in the basement of the White house using green-screen backgrounds and save the thousands of gallons of gasoline he uses Air Force One and the fleet of planes that go along with it. Nah. Saving energy is for pansies, and Bush has never been one to miss a photo-op.

Vision for America?

George Bush’s sycophants love to crow about His vision for America. I believe it is less vision than nightmare. Consider the following:
  • These men and women proclaim Bush’s vision of fiscal responsibility and limited government, yet his administration has pushed the debt to the point where it will not be long before this country will owe our erstwhile enemy, the Republic of China, close to a trillion dollars. This will give China enormous leverage of our country, and make us vulnerable to manipulation should China so desire. Fiscally, Bill Clinton was miles more conservative than George W. Bush.
  • His underlings brag of Bush’s vision for education, yet from the start this seems to have revolved around creating a voucher system which in essence would mean that the government would, for awhile, contribute a small amount towards education and any cost in excess of this amount would have to be paid by the parents. Ultimately, His goal seems to be getting government out of the education business. I guess if we were all hard working, God fearing Americans, we should be able to afford to educate our children in the best of private schools and colleges. One must note that George W. Bush did not have to work his way through college, but rather had a large trust fund set up for that purpose. Somehow, I am far more impressed with the kids of today who work two and three jobs and go to college, but even with all this effort, most have to go deeply in debt to pay for a college education. Such is life, huh Georgie?
  • Bush’s lackeys speak of His great leadership, even having the temerity to call him a modern Churchill. It seems to be that what George W. Bush calls leadership is to make one bad decision after another, never look for advice or council except from those who agree with Him, and to never, ever change his mind or admit he was wrong. Are these really traits we would admire in a neighbor, let alone the man charged with leading the most powerful country in the world. Of course, we may not always be the most powerful. We may have to sell off all of nuclear warheads just to payoff our debt to China. And, to compare the incoherent stammers of George W. Bush to the eloquence of Winston Churchill is obscene.
  • George Bush’s supporters love to proclaim His love of freedom. Somehow, I don’t think that most of the world believes the spreading of democracy and freedom should or ever can come at the point of a gun. It appears to me that what George W. Bush and His cronies are interested in is forcing a peculiar American form of capitalism on the rest of the world, while at the same time ensuring that it will be large American corporations who make the profits. And while George W. Bush says he is for business, one cannot help but wonder where the individuals in this administration, including Bush and Cheney will profit. When Cheney was secretary of defense he was instrumental in bringing major defense contracts to Halibut. “Surprisingly,” when he left the government he became President of Halliburton leading to a fortune in the millions. One can hardly wonder what the payoff will be this time. Considering the billions of dollars that have been diverted to Halliburton in no-bid contracts, I would be willing to be that if one looked back ten years from now, Cheney profited enormously. But, by then we will have forgotten about him. Do you think none of the rest of these fine gentlemen will profit from their support of companies like Shaw, Enron, Halliburton and others? I would guess we will have a huge crop of lobbyists and company executives that will find themselves rewarded with lucrative situations. As to Bush himself, I wonder what an audit of the Bush family fortunes would look like ten years from now.
  • Bush’s underlings love to talk of his compassion, yet I would love to see a list of compassionate acts this President has completed for reasons other than political expediency. And what little good he has done seems to be tied to poorly designed programs that benefit big business more than the people. I think the idea of George W. Bush being a compassionate conservative is one of the biggest cons ever put over on the American people. If you make under a hundred grand a year, what has George W. Bush done for you? Even for people in this income bracket, what tax cuts they receive had largely been over shadowed by the shift in costs to state and local government and increases in prices that hurt more the less you make. In truth, the only people George W. Bush seems to want to help are the multi-millionaires and the entrenched aristocracy of America.
  • Some of the moves this administration is making lead to scenarios that sound like something out of a frightening, futuristic fiction. FEMA failed in the Katrina disaster, and so did Homeland Security, and so, to avoid responsibility for being the chief executive of these organizations, Bush is now proposing that the regular army be put in charge of disaster response. It would be convenient because as Commander in Chief, it is an actionable offense to even criticize the President. But what is really scary is the thought of private security organizations, such as Blackwater and Enriys roaming American streets armed to the hilt. And, that is exactly what is happening in New Orleans today. We know who our police and law enforcement organizations are responsible to, but who are these corporate soldiers responsible to? What happens when big business gets rich by controlling our streets and who controls these people when the payoffs start rolling in. Do you know that there are over 20,000 highly paid corporate warriors in Iraq . When we finally run from the mess Mr. Bush has made in the middle east, where will these mercenaries go from there? Somehow I am much more comfortable with the LAPD patrolling the streets than corporate mercenaries. If you think this idea is far-fetched, the federal government is taking bids from such companies right now for work in controlling our borders. If this doesn’t frighten you, it should.

    I think that the current Republican regime in Washington, “led” by George W. Bush consists of a bunch of unprincipled liars who ultimately care little about the American people and a great deal about gaining control over this country. At one time there were many decent and principled Republican men and women in the three branches of government. Today, I would liken them more to “Travelers” and con-men who are more interested in personal gain than the people they are paid to represent. These men and women are a disgrace to this country, to our founding fathers, and an offense to God himself. This is true for no one more than President George Bush, because ultimately no matter how he shirks his duty, he is responsible.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Religious and Political Devices

There are a few devices which neither religion nor politics can do without.
  • First, the political organization or religious body must define their faithful as the the chosen, the most deserving, the righteous, god's children or whatever superlative seems to bring in the most bodies.
  • Second, there must be an enemy, an outside agency upon which you can vent your anger, disdain, disgust—all that fun stuff. This enemy can take many guises, including deviates such as homosexuals, abortionists, communists, Democrats, Mormons, Catholics, Methodists—the name does not matter, as long as they are available for derision and, yes, hate. The flock doesn't have a very long attention span, they really come for the coffee and donuts, so keep it simple. Limit your most wanted list to the one or two most easily vilified groups.
  • Third, it is not enough to say that such people are sinners or that they are bad or evil, or wear funny underwear—that is not enough. To truly serve your purpose, they must be a real or imagined threat to the flock. They must be found responsible for whatever ills you are suffering so that by forcing them to mend their ways, you will be happier.
  • Finally, there must be a call to action. A war or battle must be fought. If the real lessons are to be internalized then action is required. Now you don't want to inconvenience the flock too much, so obviously the first means of fighting evil is to donate money—lots and lots of money. For the more “involved” of the flock, there are letter writing campaigns, phone call, threats of boycott, and sometimes actual wars with bloodshed, hangings, and even a good burning or two—fine spectacle that.

To summarize:

  1. Define the flock as chosen or special—the good guys.
  2. Find an enemy, preferably a source of some nice salacious gossip.
  3. Show how they are causing all your misery.
  4. Wage war against the enemy so that you may be redeemed.

Finally, there is one last rule. Whether talking about political or religious organizations, the key motivation of the leadership is power and money. It is all about the bling-bling, and always has been.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Employment Opportunity

Toady needed:

Only the obsequious, banal and marginally functional need apply.

If you have the ability to fan an already out-of-control ego, to salivate and pant in the presence of your leader, and the judgement necessary to never, ever to say "no" or interrupt your leader while he is playing, then you could be the right person for the job.

Apply in person to the Chief-Executive at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

Has George W. Bush Ever Been Right About Anything?

We had many warnings about the possibility of 9/11, yet Mr. Bush’s administration dropped the ball. Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

Mr. Bush told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that this country posed an imminent threat to the United States of America? Where are the weapons, Mr. Bush, and have you taken responsibility for misleading the American people with marginal and untrue intelligence? Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, yet rather than using “Shock and Awe” to flush him out, Mr. Bush chose to use the local militia and as a result this single terrorist has become institutionalized and copied all over the world. Where is Mr. Bin Laden now, Mr. Bush, and have you taken responsibility for letting him go? Where does the buck stop, Georgie Boy?

When Mr. Bush made a needless appearance on an aircraft carrier to proclaim the mission over in Iraq, was it. Is the mission over now? Has the dying stopped in Iraq? Do you really believe this mission will ever be over, or will we slink out of Iraq with our tails tucked under our legs, Goliath beaten by Ishmael? Will you admit responsibility for this, Georgie Boy?

Mr. Bush resorted to childish name-calling in referring to North Korea, Iran and Iraq as the “Triad of Evil.” Did this have a calming effect on any of these countries, or have they instead determined to develop these weapons to protect them the first American President to engage in a preemptive war against a sovereign nation. Many people in the world today, including the populace of our allies believes that the true “triad of evil” is not Iraq, Iran and North Korea, but Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. What is even scarier is that now that Georgie Boy realizes he doesn’t have the armed forces to attack these countries, his administration is considering the use of nuclear force.

Mr. Bush’svision” for the economy of the United States has resulted in the largest deficit this country has ever known. It has resulted in a dangerous increase between the rich and the poor, which Mr. Bush seems bent on increasing. It has resulted in a substantial lowering of the standard of living for a large segment of the population and has taught many of the young that spending more than you have is an effective way to live. It has resulted in a prescription drug plan that aims, not for the optimal help it provides to senior citizens, but optimized instead to provide the greatest profits to huge pharmaceutical companies. It has resulted in gas prices that are more than double what they were when Mr. Bush took office. Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

Mr. Bush, in particular, and the government he formed responded with abysmal slowness to one of the greatest disasters befallen on this country. This was not simply a matter of the cronyism that placed incompetent people in charge of FEMA, it is the entire Bush philosophy that believes that FEMA should not even exist, and that such problems are the exclusive burden of the states. And while this administration was ill prepared before and during this tragedy, they are now putting forth their best effort in trying to prevent any political fallout that might befall Mr. Bush and the Republican Party. As usual with this administration, the substance of problems is ignored while they concentrate on politics as usual. Where does the buck stop here, Georgie Boy?

If you set aside all the Republican propaganda and the down-right lies put forth by this administration, the most logical conclusion is that Mr. Bush and his underlings have no vision, and this administration and the man leading it have has been a complete failure from the beginning. Do you take responsibility for this, Mr. Bush, or just tell us some more lies?

The question is rhetorical, we already know the answer Mr. Bush.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Taking Advantage of a National Tragedy

What is the real Bush response to Katrina?

  • First, they are cutting wage protection for both contractors and service workers. (Mostly to please Grover Norquist, a stanch Rove Ally)
  • Second, handing out huge contracts to Halliburton et al, with no limits on what they charge.
  • Using the dislocation of citizens to once again try to push through there unpopular voucher plan.
  • Get rid of pesky environmental regulations.
  • Tax breaks for business.
  • And, as stated in the Washington Post, "The idea, aides said, is twofold: provide a quick federal response that comports with Bush's governing philosophy (attack working people so that the rich may get richer?) and prevent Katrina from swamping his second-term ambitions on Social Security, taxes and Middle East democracy-building." Translated this means that Bush is going to keep doing what he as been doing all along, and Karl Rove is going to mount a massive propaganda campaign to show why Katrina demonstrates the value of George Bush's philosophy.

These people have no shame.

Michael Brown did Nothing Wrong???

September 13, 2005

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff once again praised Michael D. Brown" As I said previously, I believe Mike Brown did everything that was within his capability to manage this crisis effectively."

If the Bush Administration won't even admit that Michael Brown screwed up royal, who exactly is Mr. Bush planning on blaming? If not FEMA and the lackeys Mr. Bush put in charge, then who? Ah, yes. It was a state problem and there was the city. And, of course, there are all those people who were too stupid to leave. Don't worry, by the time Karl Rove gets through manipulating the facts, we will probably think that Bush was carrying people out on his back instead of loafing at his Texas ranch, playing the guitar in San Diego, and making a quick stop on the Today Show, before even seeing the destruction.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How Bush Blew It

A link to a very informative Newsweek article

Monday, September 12, 2005

American Hero Warren C. Evans

Sheriff Warren C. Evans led a convoy of six tractor-trailers, three rental trucks and 33 deputies despite a plea fro Governor M. Granhold to wait for a formal request. As stated in the New York times, Evans said, "I could look at CNN and see people dying, and I couldn't in g0ood conscience wait for a coordinated response." By the 3rd of September the Michigan team was conducting search and rescue operations.

Meanwhile, as stated in the same article,

"Hundreds of firefighters, who responded to a nationwide call for help in the disaster, were held up by the federal agency in Atlanta for days of training on community relations and sexual harassment before being sent to the devastated area."

Doing What is Required

"Sometimes it is not enough to do our best: we must do what is required."

--Sir Winston Churchill

The Bush Administration did not do what was required to protect the citizens of Louisiana and Mississippi from a natural disaster. But, I am sure that they will do their best to cover up their negligence.

Limbaugh, Coulter and Their Kin

Don't worry, Georgie, you lying band of well paid sycophants will cover your ass once again.

Political Hacks

Many of the key positions in agencies such as FEMA have been filled with political hacks like Michael Brown. I guess Mr. Bush believes that if someone as incompetent as he can be President, then there is no need for competency anywhere in the executive branch.

"Black Face"

Will New Orleans continue to be a center for black culture in America after the Bush reconstruction or will it become a center for the rebirth of "black face" instead? Real folks or Disneyland, which will it be? One has to wonder.


"The person who runs FEMA is someone who must have the trust of the president. Because the person who runs FEMA is the first voice, often times, of someone whose life has been turned upside down hears from."
—George W. Bush, Austin, Texas, Jan. 4, 2001

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Elephant Sharks

The dead are still floating in the blackened waters engulfing New Orleans and already the "Elephant Sharks" are having a blood frenzy. FEMA, which was unable to respond to the suffering of those trapped in New Orleans, has been lightening fast in awarding huge contracts to Bush and Company cronies.

Consider the following:

Joe Allbaugh, Bush's campaign manager, who was a former director of FEMA, and was the man that brought Mike Brown, an old buddy, into the organization. He was also instrumental in getting Mr. Brown appointed as director of FEMA when he decided to make his fortune as a lobbyist.

Who does Mr. Allbaugh represent? Why Halliburton and its subsidiary Kell0gg Brown and Root, the number one beneficiary of Republican graft and the company once run by Dick Cheney. Second, Shaw Group Inc. Both companies have received huge contracts from FEMA.

Halliburton has already earned over $9 billion dollars for its "work" in Iraq, and there are many questions over what has happened to that money. Now, as tragedy strikes this country once again, Halliburton is there to once again "eat its fill."

Thursday, George W. Bush signed signed a proclamation revoking federal law that required such companies to pay the prevailing wage to workers. Heaven forbid that American workers might receive a fair wage, it might cut into Halliburton, Shaw and other crony company's profit margin.

As the administration seeks to line the pockets of favored corporations, it is at the same time cutting off press access to the recovery effort. They say it is because images portrayed in such coverage might offend the sensibilities of viewers or victims. The truth is that they are trying to hide the enormity of what their incompetent handling of this disaster has cost just as they try to hide the coffins of American heroes coming back from Iraq.

This administration is all about putting forth images that deceive the American people while they pursue their nefarious goals in the shadows outside of public sight. Bush's so called town meetings are a sham. They consisted of hand-screened audiences and preselected questions by supporters. The same goes for his many appearances in front of military personnel. Anyone who questions this administration is attacked, either directly by the administration, through its agencies such as the FCC or by republican attack dogs such as the Swift Boat Veterans. There is little this administration won't stoop to in order to conceal the truth and manipulate the American people.

These people don't give a crap about the American people. All they care about is lining their own pockets, and those of their families and buddies. It is time to put a stop to the lies. It is time to put a stop to their bullshit.

It is time for each and every one of us to call them on their greed and dishonesty.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

30 Second Delay

The 30 second delay that was brought about by Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" is now being used to censor negative comments about George W. Bush? The extent to which this administration is going to stifle criticism through the misuse of government agencies such as the FCC is astounding.

Thank You

I am so very proud of the response of regular Americans to the tragedy of Katrina. You have shown that we are a good and decent people. Thank you.

One Racist Asshole

The Wall Street Journal reported that Republican Representative Richard Baker of Baton Rouge was overheard telling lobbyists: "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it but God did."

Does anyone want to tell me that this tragedy had nothing to do with race? Bullshit.

As for God, Mr. Baker, you will never see his face. God does not brook assholes and you are most certainly an asshole.

You Disgust Me, Mr. Bush

George W. Bush issued a proclamation on Thursday suspending the law that requires employers to pay the locally prevailing wage to construction workers on federally financed projects. There is no requirement that such companies to pass on the savings they will get from cutting wages from the already low levels. Next we will see Bush Cronies move in to make a killing on this disaster.

George W. Bush has no decency whatsoever. He is using this terrible disaster to once again attack American workers, and you can darn well bet he is lining up his buddies to take the prize.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

When an administration cares more about politics than they do about government, this country is in trouble.

I do not believe there has ever been an administration more bent on fooling the public than the current Bush Administration, and this country is in trouble.

Anybody Can be President

"In America, anybody can be president. That's one of the risks you take.."

--Adlai Stevenson


"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."
--Barbara Bush

I guess Little George comes by it naturally. I'll bet Mom's secretly thinks that "Dem black folk be better off on de plantation anyhows!"

Bush Family Taken Care Of

  • How many of us are struggling to pay for the gasoline we need for essential travel?
  • How many of us are being affected by the surge in prices for groceries and other products that have resulted from the increase in transportation costs?

The price of fuel has doubled since George W. Bush came into office.

Do you think that the Bush family income, which comes from oil, has at least doubled, too?

I am sure that it warms all of our hearts to know that the Bush family is being well taken care of. We should all cinch up our belts to make sure it continues.

Bush Puts PR Men in Charge of FEMA

The top three men in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency:
  • Michael Brown, Director, came from the International Arabian Horse Association. He was asked to leave because he nearly destroyed that association financially.
  • Patrick Rhode, Acting Deputy Director, worked for the White House's Office of National Advance Operations. He was a PR man who helped stage these little dog and pony shows Bush puts on around the nation.
  • Brooks Altshuler, Acting Deputy Chief of Staff worked in the same place. Neither Rhode nor Altshuler had any experience in disaster relief.
  • Scott Morris, third in command, was a press handler for the Bush presidential campaign. He also worked for the company that produced Bush campaign commercials.

Is it any wonder people died while this agency sat on its thumbs?

Is it any wonder that the top priority of FEMA seems to be controlling press coverage in New Orleans?

BUSH put these inexperienced cronies in charge. HE IS RESPONSIBLE!

Compassion as defined by George W. Bush

· n. sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.*

*Others being those who are worth at least $50,000,000.

Slick Dick

I see that Dick Cheney has taken a couple of days off from his Halliburton duties to lay down some cover for "his boss." I am sure he will be as truthful as always. Choke!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

God of the Rich

Jesus walked the hot, dusty desert with nothing but a robe, sandals, and a staff. He had no wealth or home or creature comforts. He seldom entered the well-to-do neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and instead spent his time with the poor in the crowded, dirty section of the town where craftsmen, sellers and farmers plied their wares.

When, I would ask, did Jesus leave the dirt streets and clay houses to enter the walled city to take up residence with the nobles and Pharisees? When did Jesus forgo his simple attire and take to fine silks and gold and jewels? When did Jesus say that the poor must sacrifice so that their "betters" may live in ever increasing comfort? When did Jesus become the God of the rich instead of the Savior to the poor?

There are those of the cloth and of the scepter who use his name to further their own selfish ends. It is not goodness ad charity they seek, but thrones of gold and jewels, staves of power and authority. It is not Jesus they love but the power of his name. It is not his teachings they follow but their own twisted dogma. They seek to control mankind, not serve it. Their humility is a sham and their flocks are but pawns. It is not the richness of heaven they seek, but the gold of Mammon.

Their deceit works well for now, but it will be seen for what it is soon enough. For they are the hypocrites who says the words but live the lies.

The riches of this world are yours to take, but as that is your treasure, so it is your reward. For Jesus remembers what he said, and he remembers what he meant and however you try, it is something you cannot change.

Bought and Paid For

Arnold to Veto Gay Marriage Legislation

Hmmm, I guess the pharmaceutical companies figure stable relationships among gays and lesbians will hurt their bottom line.


We should have a scoreboard that would show how many people have died due to the arrogance and incompetence of George W. Bush.



The government of the United States, for reasons that will never be brought to light, responded with abysmal slowness in helping the citizens caught in the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

The people of the United States, and much of the world, responded immediately and with courage, generosity, and character.


The Bush Administration will quickly move to place the blame elsewhere.

The Bush Administration will deny any fault on their part and will quickly take credit for the actions of the American people, which they had little or nothing to do with.

Blame will be swiftly focused on both the Governor of Louisiana. the Mayor of New Orleans, and the people of New Orleans.

Limbaugh, Coulter and other highly paid dissemblers will go into high gear shifting all responsibility away from Bush and unflinchingly placing it on the people of New Orleans, their Mayor and the Governor of their state.

The carnival barkers at Fox News will go into high gear praising the President and attacking the scapegoats.

George Bush and his administration will never face any serious inquiry because:

--Bush will select those who do the investigating.
--Bush will set the rules for the investigation, including:
----The administration may not be investigated..
----No cabinet level or higher-level administration will be questioned under oath.

Committees, propaganda, and deceit will stall any inquiry into this tragedy. Those who were truly responsible will never answer to their incompetence and dereliction of duty, and if they rigidly adhere to Rove’s talking points they will probably be rewarded.

Bush and Cheney cronies will make a lot of money off this tragedy, and the poorest of our citizens will continue to suffer.

George Bush will go back to doing the only thing he is any good at: riding his little mountain bike.

*There is nothing mystical about prophecy. We know what they have done in the past and it gives us a good idea of what they will do in the future.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mountain Bike One

And off he rides on his little mountain bike

Dry Cleaning Will Never Remove This Stain!

Yes, there was a stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress. Big deal. What about the stain on George W. Bush's heart?

The Buck Stops Where?

Can the Commander-in-Chief be charged with dereliction of duty?

This Says it All

Two pictures taken the same day, photoshopped into one. This is one picture that says it all.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A First Rate Asshole

BROWN (Director of FEMA): Well, I think the death toll may go into the thousands. And unfortunately, that's going to be attributable a lot to people who did not heed the evacuation warnings. And I don't make judgments about why people choose not to evacuate.

But, you know, there was a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. And to find people still there is just heart wrenching to me because the mayor did everything he could to get them out of there. And so we've got to figure out some way to convince people that when evacuation warnings go out, it's for their own good. Now, I don't want to second guess why they did that. My job now is to get relief to them.

Between the lines: They're just a bunch of Negros who were to dumb to leave town.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Once again, as America is in the throes of tragedy, George W. Bush is having fun.