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Friday, August 26, 2005


  • Are you proud of being a Republican in 2005?
  • Are you proud of this President who dragged this country into a war of aggression by lying and deceiving the American people?
  • Are you proud of a Republican administration which sends prisoners to others countries so they could be tortured with impunity? Does the word torture sink in?
  • Are you proud of being part of an organization which is using this government to destroy dissent and to strike fear into any who oppose it? Do you not see that your own rights and freedom are being attacked as well.
  • Are you proud to be associated with religious zealots who are trying to drag this great country back into the dark ages?
  • Are you proud of being a member of a party that is trying to inculcate our children with superstitious nonsense?
  • Are you proud to be associated with business run my men and women who will cheat, lie and steal in order to line their own pockets?
  • Do you really want Republican to be synonymous with crook and thief?
  • Is this the party of 2005 any longer the party of Lincoln or Eisenhower?
  • Does the Republican party of 2005 represent fiscal conservatism? Does your leadership even represent true conservatism at all?
  • Do you say, "I'm a Republican a little more softly now?"
  • Worst still, are you even a little embarrassed to say you are an American?


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