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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Liars is perhaps the kindest thing we can call them.

George W. Bush has screwed up everything he has ever touched. He should be impeached, not for the many crimes he has committed, but for his total lack of competence. Calling them mistakes cannot minimize what this president and his accomplices have done. This administration willfully and deliberately misled this the American people. They lied to us and they lied to the world, and, if Dick Cheney is any example, they will keep lying for as long as they have breath.

The Republican Party has become a cult of con men. They march in lock step in fearful obedience to the authority of a man who has not the wherewithal to run a lemonade stand. In the years to come, when the full ramifications of what this administration has done come to light, the word Republican will define those who would sold out this country just to line their pockets with dollars that their tax breaks bring home. But good Christians, you have done more than sell out your country. You have sold your very souls.

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Personal Apology

To the Mayor of London:

I wish to apologize to you, sir, for my countrymen and myself. Londoners have suffered a tragedy every bit as compelling as what America suffered during the attack on the World Trade Center, and yet it seems that we have taken scant notice of the attack on your people.

I do not know if we are just so self-centered that we can only think of our own suffering, or perhaps we are so inundated with horror and death in Iraq that we have become numb to such outrageous acts. But,

I would like to express my sincere condolences for the tragedy that has struck your shore and express my great admiration for the resolve and courage you have shown in facing this tragedy.


Bert Wiefels

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Terrorists Attacks

It is not necessary for Bin Laden henchmen to attack the United States again. By their attack on the World Trade Center, they empowered the Bush administration, and through fear of further attacks, gave Bush and the Republicans virtual control of this country.

There is no need for suicide bombers, germ warfare, or the often touted nuclear threat. By empowering George W. Bush and his cronies, Bin Laden has already done more damage to this country than any terrorist attack will ever accomplish, for in loosing Dubya on this country, they have unleashed the ultimate doomsday machine.