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Sunday, June 05, 2005


If this world is to survive, then we humans must begin to let go of fantasy and start embracing reality. . If this world is to prosper then we need leaders of great insight, not cowboys who shoot from the hip. If we are to pass on a worthy home to our children and there's, then we need to act responsibly and end our insane over-consumption. If we as a species are to continue, then need to admit our errors and move to correct them. We need to have true discourse instead of a barrage of propaganda and lies.

If we wish our children to have a decent home then we must stop being complacent and be very careful in who we select to make decisions of great import. If this world is to sustain us then we need to carefully consider ways to moderate the birth rate. We need to let go of inane rhetoric about abstinence and realize that people are going to have sex. We need to promote the use of both contraception and protection as realistic measures rather than letting millions perish in a horrible fashion just to promote some skewed since of morality.

This is a time when we need to approach the world's problems with wisdom and integrity, and if our leaders are incapable of this, then we need to get new leaders. This world can no longer afford lies and bullshit. We need leaders who deal with reality instead of bandying slogans. Most importantly of all, we need to restore some sense of balance to this country and make sure that either the House or Senate is in control of an opposition party.

This administration has clearly show how power corrupts and for our sake and the sake of all the world's peoples, we need at least one body that can restrain the Republican excesses and bring some balance back to this great country. It is way past time to be serious about what our country is doing and it will take all of us to make a difference.


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