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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Photo Op

In his speech to the nation about the war in Iraq, it is interesting to note that Bush is again using the backdrop of the military . Could it be that he is trying, once again, to insinuate that by attacking George W. Bush you are attacking the men and women who are actually fighting this war?

There is a big difference, Mr. Bush, between a chicken-hawk and the brave men and women who are being killed and maimed to serve this country. You, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rove could have served Viet Nam and put your life on the line, but each of your whether by deferment or privilege chose not too. Why is it the cowards who are afraid to put their own lives on the line are the most adamant about the need to sacrifice other young lives?

Oh, and by the way. Will your audience at Fort Bragg be hand picked Bush supporters as it was at your little Thanksgiving photo-op in Iraq? How many of the troops will have to eat their lunch in the barracks this time, Mr. President? This is not leveling with the American people, Mr. Bush, it is just more sleazy propaganda.


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