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Thursday, June 30, 2005


9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11:
Once again, George W. Bush has shown that decency and truth have little place in Republican politics. It must sadden the relatives of those lost on that terrible day that their loved ones have been reduced to no more than talking points.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

One Brief Moment

For many, the idea of death being an unqualified end to existence is a very frightening idea. The idea that dying is having no knowledge of ever having existed. For many, the idea that there is no father figure doling out rewards and punishments means that there is no morality or ethics at all. For many, the idea that the evil we see in this world is a consequence of our own humanity rather than some demonic presence is disconcerting because it means that we and we alone are responsible for our behavior.

As a species, we are responsible for all the wars, the murders and villainy, large and small. It is part of who and what we are. But as we are responsible for these things, so too are we responsible for the good and the beauty we bring to this world. The goodness and decency we see in humanity, and there is a lot of it, comes from within ourselves not from some outside source. While there are many ways in which we could be better, there is much about us in which we can be proud.

If you look at your life and the lives around you, and look at this beautiful world we call home, as a wonderful happenstance, it allows you to open your eyes to the wonder of living as a human being. Instead of dismissing this life as a trial, as a inconsequential way stop on the road to something else, you life this life realizing that each moment is precious and how lucky we are to have lived as humans. But, it should also make your realize that we are responsible for the lives of others and for the condition of the planet that we leave to our children.

This brief moment is all we have, and this wonderful world is the only real inheritance we can pass on to our children. Perhaps it is time to take responsibility for both the good and the bad, but even more, to take responsibility giving the young a decent home in which to raise their children.

Intelligent Design and Evolution

Perhaps the answer to the conflict over evolution and intelligent design being taught in the classroom is quite simple. Instead of adding intelligent design to the science curriculum, where it clearly does not belong, it could be included in the humanities where it does. As many in the religious community are hell-bent on including religious instruction in the public schools, that answer might be to allow for a religious curriculum at the high school level. A course could be devised and a curriculum set up where religious professionals were given special credentials to teach their subject matter, and could teach the basic tenants of their religion in the classroom. Fair enough?

This would allow for the separation of religion and science and would give the religious the forum they desire. Unfortunately, however, this solution would promote a bit of a quagmire. Obviously, there would be a limit to the number of hours devoted to religion in the curriculum, and the question would arise as to what basic tenant should be taught and from what religion. Now, many of the religious believe tha this is a Christian nation and it is therefor proper that only Christianity be taught, but what form of Christianity--Catholicism, main stream Protestantism? Should the Mormons and Christian Scientists be included? It would be difficult to teach Christianity without including Judaism. And, of course, the nonchristian religions would demand to be represented. The Moslems, Hindus and Buddhist would want to be represented, and of course so would the Raelians and the Scientologists.

The question is who gets to determine the curriculum and decide what religion is and is not taught? Does it depend on which particular sect gains control of the school board, or threatens to sue? It all seems like a bit of a pandora's box.

Perhaps the answer is to let individuals learn of religion in the religious institutions of their choice, and let the schools teach basic high school science. I guess that is just too easy.

Photo Op

In his speech to the nation about the war in Iraq, it is interesting to note that Bush is again using the backdrop of the military . Could it be that he is trying, once again, to insinuate that by attacking George W. Bush you are attacking the men and women who are actually fighting this war?

There is a big difference, Mr. Bush, between a chicken-hawk and the brave men and women who are being killed and maimed to serve this country. You, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rove could have served Viet Nam and put your life on the line, but each of your whether by deferment or privilege chose not too. Why is it the cowards who are afraid to put their own lives on the line are the most adamant about the need to sacrifice other young lives?

Oh, and by the way. Will your audience at Fort Bragg be hand picked Bush supporters as it was at your little Thanksgiving photo-op in Iraq? How many of the troops will have to eat their lunch in the barracks this time, Mr. President? This is not leveling with the American people, Mr. Bush, it is just more sleazy propaganda.

Insurgent vs. Freedom Fighter

Karl Rove and company are very good at coming up with catch phrases that belie the truth and make it easy to deceive. One of their best is the use of the world insurgent. Now the more straight forward term would be rebel or revolutionary, which is in fact what an "insurgent" is.

This country was founded by revolutionaries, as in the Revolutionary War, and these were people who lived in America and were fighting to throw of the yoke of an oppressive superpower, namely Great Britain. However, by using the word "insurgent" it is much easier to give the impression of an outside force that is fighting against the true will of the people, which is exactly what this administration wants.

They have tried, very successfully I might add, to twist the image of the fighting in Iraq as fighting against foreign fighters, most specifically Al Qaeda. In truth, our troops are caught an Iraqi conflict between the Sunni and Shia factions, and including a good number of Iraqis of either faction that just want us out. Are their foreign fighters in Iraq? Yes, but they are in the minority and even those that identify themselves as Al Qaeda allied themselves with that group after the invasion.

I wonder if the American people would view this conflict differently if instead of calling the people fighting against the United States "insurgents" we were to call them Freedom Fighters instead? Iraqi "freedom fighters" attacked an American outpost yesterday killing ten members of the American occupying force. Sounds a lot different, doesn't it, and if I am not mistaken, that is exactly how we portrayed Osama Bin Laden when he was fighting against the Russians. A lot turns on a few well chosen words.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


The Republicans lie with impunity yet demand the severest reprimands for any whose truth is not absolute and verified by named sources Why are we letting them get away such a double standard? Bush lies, Cheney seldom does much else. Rice lies, Rumsfeld lies–is there one member of this administration who ever tells the truth?

What kind of leverage are they using to make people back down and kowtow to them? It makes one think of J. Edgar Hoover and his secret files or McCarthy and his lists. When people are afraid to stand up to governmental malfeasance, then something is terribly wrong. Is it any wonder that citizens are so concerned about the extension of the so called "patriot act?"

The Bush Brothers

The Bush brothers express moral outrage over withdrawing life support from the body of a woman who in essence died fifteen years ago. Yet Jeb Bush is proud of signing gun legislation that will almost certainly cost many innocent lives while brother George expresses righteous pride for having started a war of aggression in which thousands of children are being maimed and killed every day.

People of compassion might pay for a page in the Washington Post listing the names of these children, or many pages with both names and pictures, but these brothers are men who would not even bother to look, nor would they care if they did.

There has never been a more hypocritical or morally corrupt line of politicians than those produced by the Bush family. It is a legacy written in the blood of innocence and will taint this world for generations. America will pay for its complacence in letting these men thrive, but unfortunately, so will the rest of the world.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The world is too small to be run by people who believe in witches, goblins and demonic forces. The world is too fragile to be left in the hands of the demented who believe that what is done to our beautiful home does not matter because the end-of-times is right around the corner. The world is too precious to be stripped and pilfered by those who only care about enriching themselves with no regard whatsoever for the world's children for generations to come.

Our children's minds are too precious to be tainted with the drivel of those who cannot abide the advances made in human knowledge over the last ten-thousand years.

These are not the end-of-times for there is no such thing. But they are times when our mistakes will become more and more difficult to rectify. The American people need to listen to these right-wing nut jobs running around Washington and hear what they are saying. They are irrational and dangerous and we need to rid our government of them as we would a pestilence. They are a cancer and we need to excise it before it causes irreparable damage to this country and the rest of the world.

To the religious right I would say, "Go back to your caves and rattle your rattles. Cower at the shadows, bow down to spirits and sacrifice your children if you must, but keep away from education and stay out of government for we have fools enough there already."

Health Care

The Republicans have the temerity to call Hillary Clinton a radical for believing all Americans should have access to affordable health care yet see George W. Bush as a great leader for ushering in an era where more and more Americans have no coverage at all. Am I missing something here?


With what did they threaten Dick Durbin? Durbin's apology was bizarre, and I cannot help but believe that the Bush administration dug up some dirt on Durbin or a member of his family and used it as leverage on Durbin, or perhaps, they had a "resource" who was in a position to destroy the career of one of his kids. In any case, I find it strange that a man who was willing to get up in front of the Senate and tell the truth should one week later get on his knees and beg for forgiveness.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Plain Language

Governor Dean was too kind. Republicans, by in large, are a class of greedy parasites who feel entitled to grow obscenely rich clinging to the backs of working men and women. Sorry, I forgot. Only Limbaugh, Coulter and the Swift Boat Whores for Bush are allowed to say such outrageous things.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Americans seem to have purchased a vast quantity of mirrors that show them only what they want to see. I wonder if, when George W. Bush brushes his teeth in the morning, he sees a crown and scepter? Or, perhaps he sees himself sitting up in the clouds on a throne of gold. Maybe we should get him an accurate mirror so he could see the small brown mustache on his lip.


Abortion is the albatross that the neo-conservatives use to distract us while they turn this once great democracy into feudal state. And for you white boys out there, don't think your lilly white skin is going to save you, for the Bushies believe in an equal opportunity serfdom.

Little Voices

I can imagine God having a one-way conservation with George W. Bush. I mean, it would certainly be easier to talk to him than to listen to him.

Survival of the Fittest

George W. Bush talks a lot about God, but what he really believes in is survival of the fittest. What is ironic is that he thinks he is the fittest!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Malice of Forethought

A compulsive liar can sometimes be forgive, but not so those who with malice of forethought seek to deceive the people they were sworn to defend. George W. Bush and his minions have lied to the American people from the very beginning, and they have done so with the full knowledge of what they were doing. These are not the actions of a few good-old-boys stretching the truth, but the cold-calculated lies of a regime with the criminal intent to deceive the American people. Impeachment is but the first step. Criminal charges should follow.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


If this world is to survive, then we humans must begin to let go of fantasy and start embracing reality. . If this world is to prosper then we need leaders of great insight, not cowboys who shoot from the hip. If we are to pass on a worthy home to our children and there's, then we need to act responsibly and end our insane over-consumption. If we as a species are to continue, then need to admit our errors and move to correct them. We need to have true discourse instead of a barrage of propaganda and lies.

If we wish our children to have a decent home then we must stop being complacent and be very careful in who we select to make decisions of great import. If this world is to sustain us then we need to carefully consider ways to moderate the birth rate. We need to let go of inane rhetoric about abstinence and realize that people are going to have sex. We need to promote the use of both contraception and protection as realistic measures rather than letting millions perish in a horrible fashion just to promote some skewed since of morality.

This is a time when we need to approach the world's problems with wisdom and integrity, and if our leaders are incapable of this, then we need to get new leaders. This world can no longer afford lies and bullshit. We need leaders who deal with reality instead of bandying slogans. Most importantly of all, we need to restore some sense of balance to this country and make sure that either the House or Senate is in control of an opposition party.

This administration has clearly show how power corrupts and for our sake and the sake of all the world's peoples, we need at least one body that can restrain the Republican excesses and bring some balance back to this great country. It is way past time to be serious about what our country is doing and it will take all of us to make a difference.


The Bush administration does not represent the best of America, it represents us at our very worst. Sadly, we don't even have the decency to feel ashamed.

The Fourth Estate

The press panders to our desire for horror and sensationalism while at the same time it neglects its duty as the fourth estate. Are the press men and women of integrity or puppets who do nothing but repeat propaganda, ad nauseam? I understand that this is one scary, vindictive regime, but if you won't lead the way, who will? Are the only people with any heuvos the bloggers?


The American people are better than the fools they elect to represent them, but that is both our folly and our responsibility.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Civil Rights

Do white Americans really believe the civil rights movement was wrong? Do American men believe there wives and daughters should be second class citizens? Do any of us really believe this would be a better country if we turned back the clock?


Religion is the facade which hides the Republican house of greed, intolerance, and dishonesty behind its soft pine frontage. Yet even the hurricanes of summer cannot draw the stink from this festering sore, the stink that is Washington. As oxygen destroys gangrene, the light of truth will destroy this infection and only when this twisted child is excised by impeachment, and his crooked minions imprisoned, will the body politic be able to heal. It is time for justice to be done. In truth, these men and women are liars and criminals and belong in jail.


We have eaten of the hearts of our enemies and become less than they. Drunk with power our leaders think they can control all the peoples of the world, but such dreams have been dreamed before and the glory of these so crazed has turned to ashes becoming but a bitter taste on a westerly wind.

If we don't, nature will.

If nature has to correct our folly, her methods will not be pleasant. You can dream all you want of some fabled rapture but it isn't going to happen, and the result of your short sightedness is going to bear hard on your children and children's children.. Are you really willing to sacrifice the generations to come for your selfishness today? Probably.


Color is like flavorings for ice cream. There is chocolate and butterscotch, raspberry and vanilla, and countless others to numerous to name. But peach is no better than cherry, nor lime better than strawberry for we each like some better than others. We talk of black and brown, red yellow and white, yet none of our shades are so limited. But each is like flavors of ice cream, none better than another.