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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

What George W. Bush demands of those in his administration, and Republicans in both the House and the Senate, is total and absolute loyalty. With the help of the Republican machine, any who even voice objections are swiftly punished. Only those who toe the line and repeat the big lie without conscience, are rewarded. For those Democrats and Independents who oppose him, there is no attack too vicious to be denied. George W. Bush does not believe in the balance of powers--the safeguard the founding fathers gave us to protect us from abuse of power and the protection they hoped would protect us from the tyranny of the majority. He is instead using every means available to subvert balance in favor of centralized control in the hands of the executive branch, in his own hands.

George W. Bush does not believe in a free press. Instead, he believes in a carefully controlled propaganda machine that tells the American people only what he and his minions want the people to hear. This President does not believe in truth, but rather that the people of this country are stupid and will believe any lies he chooses to tell as long as they are repeated long enough and loud enough.

George W. Bush is not a Christian but a modern day Pharisee who uses religion to keep the true Christians focused on issues such as abortion and the right to life so they will not see that he is using the power of his office to destroy all the protections that the hard working men and women in this country have fought so hard to obtain. He keeps the decent people of this country focused on hot issues so they will not realize that he is destroying all of the safety-nets we have built up to protect those who suffer misfortune, and that can and will happen to any of us.

What happens to those who were not wise enough, or lucky enough to have built up a large enough nest egg to last through their retirement and who are unable to work in their eighties or nineties? If there are no safety nets, where do they go? What bridge do they live under, and where do they find dinner–in the trash bins behind the local supermarket? True Christians care about these people, but George W. Bush does not. He does not care what happens to you or your children or your grandparents.

What George W. Bush cares about is the wealthy getting richer while ordinary people have to work two and three jobs just to get by. This man plays the good-old-boy, but there has never been a more arrogant, less compasionate president in the history of this country. If Jesus were alive today, I think he would probably be leading a march on Washington, not have lunch with Pilate.


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