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Monday, April 11, 2005

Supply and demand

Supply and demand. The idea is that if there is a greater demand than supplies available, prices go up, but when there is a surplus then prices drop. Now, this might work perfectly well if your are buying a play-station, but it does not work nearly so well when you care speaking of your own employment, because you become in essence a commodity which is bought at the cheapest rate possible and replaced with a cheaper product or discarded when not needed. Most of us suffer from the illusion that we are not that easily replaced, but there always seems to be someone waiting in the wings who can do our job just as well, and who is in a weaker negotiating position and therefore willing to take a cut in pay and in benefits.
Ultimately, the conservatives do not want any entity telling them what they can and can not do as businesses. They believe that the government exists to serve the needs of the "business class" providing protection with armies and police to prevent any outside agency from threatening their needs. They do not believe the government has any business providing services for the general public and these services include education, healthcare, disability insurance, or any of the various safety-nets for the "working class".


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